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The Maverick Paradox Podcast is a twice weekly show where Judith Germain demonstrates that Maverick Leadership exists everywhere, through her conversations with a diverse array of guests.

New episodes are released every Monday and Friday at 12pm UK time.

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Jan 14, 2019

In this episode of The Maverick Paradox Podcast, Judith talks with Dr K. They discuss mavericks including why they can get stuck at the edge of their success, and how they don't see failure in the same way as Conformists.

Dr K is the Founder of The No Doubt Zone and a clinical psychotherapist, speaker, author business consultant and mentor to entrepreneurs and experts in the top 1-4%, the influencers, the paradigm shifters, the round pegs in the square holes.

Judith's website is, her LinkedIn profile is here, her Twitter profile (MaverickMastery) is here, Facebook here and Instagram here.

She is also the author of The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders