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The Maverick Paradox Podcast is a twice weekly show where Judith Germain demonstrates that Maverick Leadership exists everywhere, through her conversations with a diverse array of guests.

New episodes are released every Monday and Friday at 12pm UK time.

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Feb 27, 2023

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Douglas Squirrel about his response to being fired consistently because he was too good at his job. They discuss why talented Maverick Leaders tend not to stay in organisations and take their talents into their own businesses.

Willing to do something that is not normally...

Feb 24, 2023

In this SHORT TALK! Judith Germain speaks to Andrea Lukac about how to avoid burnout through managing your thoughts. Andrea shares how to set clear boundaries for wellbeing.

She also speaks about how to avoid manipulation by others, how to live your life to the fullest and silence the inner critic.



Feb 20, 2023

In today's conversation Judith Germain speaks to Nishika de Rosairo about people and impact. She focuses on unlocking left brain and right brain thinking in humans allowing them to activate all parts of their brain and live whole, fulfilled, and impactful lives. Nishika shares the danger of educating children to believe...

Feb 17, 2023

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Ben Albert about how to go from zero to hero in under 12 months (even if you're broke, unemployed, and feel completely hopeless).

During Covid Ben lost his job and he needed to find work but no one was hiring marketing professionals. Ben decided to start his own podcast which led...

Feb 13, 2023

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Kendra Lee about shared culture and white allies. They discuss the importance of allyship and who tells the stories of marginalised communities. Does the choice of different races providing allyship training the right thing or is it just appeasing the majority group. How much...