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The Maverick Paradox Podcast is a twice weekly show where Judith Germain demonstrates that Maverick Leadership exists everywhere, through her conversations with a diverse array of guests.

New episodes are released every Monday and Friday at 12pm UK time.

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Apr 27, 2020

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Harris Rosen who is known as the Hospitality Maverick. Harris founded Rosen Hotels and Resorts in 1974. He is an investor and philanthropist with a big vision. He believes that there is hope through education and has spent millions of dollars in helping his local...

Apr 20, 2020

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Josuel Rogers about the 4 elements of Hip Hop and how it relates to communication. Josuel has found a way to activate the subconscious mind to enable true communication to take place.

They also talk about how mavericks are looking for solutions and possibilities and the need to...

Apr 13, 2020

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Kapil Gupta about the need for humanity in the workplace. He advises that society is becoming increasingly unable to deal with intense emotions and that organisations are suspicious of connection between the workforce.

Judith's website is, her LinkedIn profile...

Apr 6, 2020

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Mei Phing about Generation Z; how they run their businesses or show up at work. They discuss how Gen Z see themselves as personal brands and how they need to reflect their own truth, whether that's on social media or the workplace.

Gen Z require more openness in their discussions...