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The Maverick Paradox Podcast is a twice weekly show where Judith Germain demonstrates that Maverick Leadership exists everywhere, through her conversations with a diverse array of guests.

New episodes are released every Monday and Friday at 12pm UK time.

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Mar 15, 2021

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Mike Acker about the power of story and the choices that you make. Mike begins the conversation by talking about his parents - his dad was a drug dealer and his mother was a witch. Once they had children they completed turned their life round.

It was first radical choice that he knew about.

They discuss that 'the good old days' never really existed and how living in the fantasy of those times stops people from making good choices. Mike talks about the choices we make that causes an impact, and you don't have to choose money or impact.

Listen up to the rest of Mike's fascinating story and enjoy the insights that he shares.

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